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Women's football debuted at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

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Q: When did soccer become a summer olympic sport for women?
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Why did volleyball become an olympic sport?

In the summer of 1996

Why did hockey become an Olympic sport?

It was spread through the British colonies from their earliest times (hence its huge popularity in those countries, particularly India and Pakistan, and their dominance in the first years of decent competition). Its addition to the Olympic Games was also a major breakthrough, and cemented it as one of the top international sports. This version became popular in Canada and the US, before spreading to Northern and Eastern Europe (which are all typically winter-sport-oriented areas). The US American habit of forcefully promoting everything it does well at, regardless of importance to the rest of the world, helped considerably. This type is not as popular, but is gaining favour in European countries as an alternative to making large permanent, virtually sole-use turfs for the outdoor style. The move of several famous field hockey players to the indoor game attracted many fans, if only because it was more hockey to watch during lulls in the regular season. However, because of its pace and huge amount of action, it is accruing renown as a fantastic spectator sport and televising of events is on the rise.

When did girls wrestling become an olympic sport?

2004 Summer Games in Athens.

When did handball become an olympic sport for women?

Men's handball debuted at the 1936 Games in Berlin and then was not held again until the 1972 Games in Munich. It has been competed in every Summer Games since 1972. Women's handball debuted at the 1976 Games in Montreal and has been competed in every Summer Games since then.

Was soccer a Olympic sport?

Yes, it's still currently a Olympic sport.

How does a sport become a demostration sport for the oympics?

It comprises all the sports contested in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.