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when did professional Basketball team start organizing

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Q: When did professional basketball teams start organizing?
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What are all the teams that start with the letter U?

English football teams with names beginning with U are: Uckfield Town (level 11) United Services Portsmouth (level 10) University of Exeter (level 11) Uxbridge (level 8)

How many professional basketball teams?

30 NBA teams in the US

How many professional basketball teams in NBA?

There are 40 NBA current teams.

How many basketball teams are in the Professional League?


Sports teams that start with the letter M?

Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings are professional football teams in the National Football League. Montreal Alouettes are a professional football team in the Canadian Football League. Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Heat and Minnesota Timberwolves are professional basketball teams in the National Basketball Association. Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers are Major League Baseball teams.

Who pays the professional basketball player?

The owner of the teams they play for.

Professional sports teams in Paris France?

ASVEL- Mens Basketball

What are the top leagues and top teams of basketball?

There is only one league of professional basketball, and that is the NBA. The top teams as of the 2008-2009 season are the Celtics, the Magic, and the Cavaliers.