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The game ping pong, or Table Tennis, started in England in the 1880s. Originally it was played by the wealthy as an after dinner parlour game. Since 1988, ping pong has been introduced as an Olympic sport.

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Q: Was ping pong invented in England?
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Who invented Paddle Ping-Pong?

I.C Yu invented ping pong in China.

Which sport was invented first tennis or ping pong?

ping pong

Where did ping pong game started?

The Ping Pong game was started in England.

When was ping-pong invented?


What was not invented in China?

Ping pong

Did aliens invent ping pong?

No, the English first invented ping pong as a miniature version of tennis. Not aliens.

Where did ping pong originate?

In England. Ping Pong (aka Table Tennis) was patented in 1890 by David Foster. Ping pong evolved from Lawn Tennis, which was a very popular recreation in England.

Who invented the game of ping pong?

The British

What sport was invented in Portugal?


Where is ping pong first played?

in England

What is Chinese ping pong?

Chinese ping pong is Chinese ping pong.

What is purpose of Microsoft?

ping pong ping pong ping pong fU

Who invented ping pong?

aaron frew the Asian :)

What did Ming Dynasty invented?

The MIngs invented Volleyball, Ping pong, and Basketball

What is correct Ping Pong or ping pong?

Ping Pong is correct because it is a national/ international sport

Is ping pong a sport?

Ping-pong is a sport it is affiliated with hand eye coordination. The U.S. does have a ping-pong team and Singapore also have ping pong team.

What are some songs about ping pong?

Among the only songs "about Ping Pong" are a 2007 Enrique Iglesias song called "Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song)." While not referring directly to the jargon of the game, the track has a sample of a ping pong ball bouncing in a steady rhythm throughout. The Raffi song "Bananaphone" also has a lyric "Ping-pong ping-pong, ping-pong, ping."

What equipment is necessary to play a game of ping pong?

To play a game of ping pong, one would need two ping pong paddles, a small ping pong ball, and a ping pong table with a net. One would also need two players who will play ping pong.

Did Romans play ping pong?

No. Invented in 1890.

When was ping pong discovered?

According to old Guiness Books of World records- a Ping-Pong association was founded in England in the year l902, the accession of King Edward Vii.

Other name of table tennis?

Ping Pong Ping Pong

What is the past tense of ping?

pong (as in ping-pong), pung, or pinged.

What is a ping pong made of?

The ping pong ball is made from celluloid.

What is the common term for table tennis?

ping pong Ping pong.

Where did Ping-Pong come from?

Ping Pong comes from Europe and china.