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As of the 2008 season, Penn State and Miami have met 13 times with Penn State winning 7 and Miami winning 6.

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Q: When did penn state play miami in football?
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Who did Penn State's football team play against for their first game in 2001?

Miami, Florida

Did Lou Holtz ever play on the Penn State football team?

no Louholtz has never played on the Penn State football team.

Where did Kerry Collins play college football?

Penn State

How good do you have to be to play football for penn state?

real good

Who did Penn State play in its first collegiate football game?


What team did Penn State play in its first collegiate football game against?


Where did Penn State play it's first football game?

On 11-12-1881, Penn State beat Bucknell 9-0 in Lewisburg, PA.

Where did Spencer Tillman play colege football?

Miami Hurricanes Actually it was the University of Oklahoma 1982-1985. He was team captain when they won the 1985 National Championship in the Orange Bowl by defeating Penn State.

Where did Jack Ham play college football?

Jack Ham attended Penn State University.

How many times did the penn state football team win the super bowl?

No.College football teams like Penn State don't play in the Super Bowl ,but college teams do have a main bowl called the BCS Bowl.

Where did bobby engram play college football?

Penn State

Who won in the penn state vs Michigan football game in 1992?

Penn State and Michigan did not play in 1992. Their first ever meeting was in 1993 and Michigan won, 21-13, in State College.