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Q: When did oviedo girls lacrosse go to state championship?
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How many hours do lacrosse players train per week?

im on a state championship high school girls lacrosse team and we practice 2 and a half hours monday-friday.

Who won the boys high school state championship in Delaware last year and who won the girls high school state championship in Delaware last year?

Caravale Academy - boys Ursiline Academy - girls

Who won the NCAA Men's Lacrosse National Championship in 2006?

Division 1: John Hopkins, Division 2: Le Moyne, Division 3: Cortland State.

What films were made about woman' basketball?

What film was made about an Oklahoma girls basketball team which won the state championship. What is the name of the town the girls were from and history

How many NCAA lacrosse championships has towson university won?

When Towson played Division II lacrosse they won the D-II championship once, that in 1974 over Hobert 18-17. The school was known as Towson State at the time. Towson moved to D-1 in 1980. Through the 2009 season, Towson has not won an NCAA Division I men's lacrosse championship. They have made one championship game, that in 1991 when they lost to North Carolina 18-13. They have made the NCAA Division I tournament 10 times.

When was NC State Wolfpack men's lacrosse created?

NC State Wolfpack men's lacrosse was created in 1973.

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This state has an official barbecue championship?

This state has an official barbecue championship?

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He plays Lacrosse, his team won the state championship this year.I've seen pictures of him playing football in middle school but I don't think he continued in high school.

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In Remember the Titans- do the Titans win the state championship?

Yes, they do win the state championship.

When was Bulgarian State Football Championship created?

Bulgarian State Football Championship was created in 1924.

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