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When the American League expanded to 10 teams in the 1961 season their schedule was lengthened to 162 games. When the National League expanded to 10 teams in the 1962 season their schedule was lengthened to 162 games.

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Q: When did mlb go to 162 game season?
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When did the MLB go to 162 games?

The 155 game Major League schedule was changed to 162 games in 1961.

When did MLB go to 154 game season?

The 1904 season. Prior to 1904, the season was 140 games long.

Can anything go into 162?

The number 162, which is the number of games played during a Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season, is divisible by: 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 18, 27, 54, 81, 162.

When do 2010 MLB regular season game tickets go on sale?

December 13

How do you cancel an active season in Major League Baseball 2011 The Show for Playstation 3?

Go onto the PS3 Menu and then go onto the game tab and then go onto Saved Game Data and then delete the file that sayd MLB Season.

Is there a way to listen to a live MLB game?

yes, go to and get a subscription to gameday audio. i think it is about $30 for the whole season, which is a good deal.

Do baseball players get new cleats for every game?

Yes. Some professional baseball players in the MLB have new cleats for each game, especially in the post season. Most, however, will only go through one or two pairs for a whole season.

When do MLB all-star tickets go on sale?

At the beginning of the 2008 season.

When did the 2009 MLB regular season tickets go on sale?

October 30th

When do MLB all star tickets go on sale?

At the beginning of the 2008 season.

When did the Major league baseball season go into November?

2001, due to the 9/11 tragedy MLB suspended games for about a week, meaning game 5 of the World Series was to start on Nov. 1st, however game 4 went into extra innings and was the first time an official MLB game was played in the month of November.

When do 2011 Major League Baseball all-star tickets go on sale to the general public?

MLB All-Star game tickets are being sold to Arizona Diamondback season ticket holders. As long as you purchase season tickets for the 2011 season, you will be able to buy MLB all star game tickets. There was also a random drawing for MLB all star game tickets, but the deadline was February 18th. The other option is to wait for ticket prices to drop on ticket reseller sites. Link below references comments in blog post.

What happens in MLB wild card tie?

If the regular season ends and two teams have the same record and are tied for the Wild Card, they go to a one game playoff, where the winner advances into the post season and the loser is eliminated from the playoffs.

How many foul balls go into the stands in MLB per game average?

it's different each game but the average life of a ball in the mlb is seven pitches

Do any numbers go into 162?

Any of its factors will go into 162 evenly

What season did the NFL go to 16 game regular season?


Can 12 go into 162?

No. 162 is not evenly divisible by 12.

How many games does each Major League Baseball team play during the regular season?

I don't believe the given answer to be correct. 162 or 163 According to the article linked below, there are only ~162 games per year. This means that the MAX # of games that any team could play is 81 (162/2). So the Question remains unanswered: How many games does each Major League Baseball team play during the regular season??? 559Josh The question was "many games does EACH MLB team play in the regular season", not "how many total MLB games are there in a regular season". Therefore, the original answer WAS correct: 162. It's easy to verify: go to Wikipedia and search for "2009 major league baseball season". In the tables that list each team's season record, add up the "games won" and "games lost" columns. Obviously, for any given team, the sum of these columns must be the total games played by that team (given that MLB has no drawn matches). You will see that for each team, the total is either 162 or 163. (Officially, each team is scheduled for 162 regular season games. However, if two teams finish the season tied for leadership of their division, then they must play-off to determine a winner. Those games are counted as regular season games, so each of those two teams would play 163 games for the year). The objection that you stated would only be true if the total of ALL major league baseball games played in the season was 162. But then, the divisor would not be 2 (because there are more than two teams). If the total of all games was 162, but there were only two teams, that would still be 162 games each. Just because each game is played by two teams, that doesn't mean the answer should be divided by two. Think of it this way: imagine there are only two teams, A and B, and they play only one game. Now, the total number of games played is only 1. Yet the total games played by each team is still 1. It is not a half.

Do MLB players pay their way to go to the All Star game?

NO, they get voted in by the fans.

What two numbers go into 162 for multiplication?

Simplest answer: 1 and 162.

Winx Club Season 4 game?

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How do you vote for the Major League Baseball all-star game?

Go to or find a ballot box at an MLB game

When did pro football go to 16 game season?


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It goes: 162/6 = 27 times