When did men start wearing socks when running?

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Q: When did men start wearing socks when running?
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Are men allowed to swim just wearing their socks in their own pool?

Yes, men can wear socks while swimming in their pool. Most people prefer not to wear socks, but to each his own.

Can gay men get pregnant with no sperm?

No men, gay or straight, can get pregnant, even with sperm.

Do women's feet smell more when they're wearing nylons?

yes...they do.. it is because wearing nylon socks makes our feet sweat more compared to cotton socks..and it's not only for women also men..

Where can I buy Saucony Hattori socks?

Outlets for Saucony Hattori socks seem rare online. If you are looking for compression socks for running, stock a range of these, for women and men in a variety of sizes.

Which websites are running shoe warehouses?

Balega Men's Running Socks We love these two men's running socks from Balega. The Ultra has a soft cushioning with a comfortable arch support. The Strider is even lighter weight with a thin ventilated top for a very natural feel. If you have never run in a seamless toe sock, you have to try these.

What are the fashion rules regarding sandals with socks or white socks with "fancy attire" for men?

Men should not wear any type of sock with any sandals. When wearing dress shoes, the color of their dress sock should match their shoe.

When did men start wearing wedding rings?

In Ancient Egypt.

Why do Irish people wear long socks?

I did not see anyone in Ireland wearing long S-O-C-K-S when I was there. If they did, it was under their pants, and likely because they were cold. You may be thinking of men wearing tall socks with their kilts. Both the Irish and Scots wear tall socks with traditional dress kilts.

What are some good running compression socks at a good price?

According to the CEP Men's Running Compression socks are very good and reasonably priced between $36.99 - $60.75. They have a five star review entered by twenty reviewers.

What did men start wearing after World War 2?

stripper clothes

When did men first start wearing wedding rings?

before christ

Your mate is wearing white socks with his black leather shoes is he gay?

No gay man in their right mind would wear white socks with black leather shoes. Straight men are much more likely to do that sort of thing.

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