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Q: When did little league stop using wooden bats?
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Are wooden bats allowed in middle school baseball in tennessee?

The state doesn't determine what types of bats are allowed. It is up to the city's league rules whether or not wooden bats are allowed. In my own opinion, any time aluminum or composite bats are allowed, I would be using one, because the BBCOR on an aluminum or composite bat is much higher than wood, and if I'm the only person using a wooden bat in the league, everybody else has an advantage over me.

Does any little league in America make their little kids use wooden bat?

Wood or Aluminum is the choice of the player (or his parents). Little League rules state that the bats must "be made of wood or of a material and color tested and approved acceptable to Little League standards." [Rule 1.10] But wooden bats just aren't cool enough for today's kids (or their parents). If little Johnny's Dad spends $200 on the hotest, newest bat out there, then every other kid on the team wants the same bat. A $25 wooden bat just isn't going to cut it. is it? I've read a lot of local league Ground Rules, and I've never seen one that either disallows wooden bats or specifically allows only one or the other.

Can you use coposite bats in little league?

yes you can use composite bats in little league

Which player was famous for using an aluminum bat?

Little League players. Aluminum bats are illegal in the MLB.

Are carbon fiber baseball bats legal in little league?

No, composite bats, including those that use carbon fiber, have been banned for use in Little League.

Is the combat little league approved?

At the moment (1/11/11), Little League Baseball has disallowed the use of composite bats in Little League Baseball. The Combat B1, B2 and B3 are all composite bats which, if the current rule stands, will not be allowed for Little League play. There are rumors that Little League Baseball is considering an exception but as of now the list of officially recognized bats is on this link:

What baseball bats are used in 2011 little league world series?

Baseball Bats!!

Why does MLB use wooden bats?

Players in Major League Baseball use wooden bats so the ball doesn't go as far when they hit it. If they used an aluminum bat, players could easily hit a home run.

Are you allowed to use softball bats in boys ten year old little league?

No you are not. The bats used must be Little League approved. Most leagues will provide bats if you do not want to spend the money to pay for one for your child yet.

What are metal bats made out of?

Metal bats are made out of aluminum. They replaced wooden bats because too many wooden bats broke. Now wooden bats have started replacing metal bats in high schools because metal bats can hit the ball harder than wooden bats and cause more injuries.

What are the advantages of using wood baseball bats?

wooden bats are real good if you can buy a wooden bat insted of a normal bat then buy it? there are like compaset bats but beter, in combats they have some wood inside them that makes the ball go farther then normal bats and wooden bats are mad completely from wood, so it makes the ball go realy, realy far and they are all around beter bats.

What is the best brand of baseball bats?

the best brand for little league /pony league would either be the combat of the cf4