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Q: When did ku win the last national championship?
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When did KU win the national championship in basketball?

KU has won 5 national championships, 3 of them being NCAA Championships.In 1922 and 1923 they won the Helms National Championship.They won NCAA Championships in 1952, 1988, and 2008.

Will KU ever win a championship?

The future's uncertain; and the end is always near.

Is KU better than MU?

Yes KU is a lot better than MU. Yes KU IS A LOT better not just because I am bias, but look at the stats. KU has won 11 more National Champiomships and 88 more Conference Titles in ALL athletics than MU. Plus Ku has won a National Championship in basketball and a BCS.

What year did Dean smith play at ku?

Dean Smith played at KU from '49 to '53. He played varsity in 52 and 53. They won a national championship in 52 and were finalists in 53.

Who won the NCAA national championship game in 2012?

In Football Alabama won because they are amazing and in basketball kentucky sadly beat KU

Who won the national championship in ncaa basketball in 2008?

kansas beat Memphis 75 to 68 the mvp awards was Brandon rush (ku) derrick rose (Memphis)

When was Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park created?

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park was created in 1967.

Who won the 1988 NCAA Men's basketball Championship?

In 1998 the Kansas University (KU) Jayhawks were the national NCAA Men's Basketball champions. In that game they beat Oklahoma 83-79.

How many national championships has KU won?


Did Kentucky beat Ohio st?

yes now ku is going against them today in the championship!

Is duke going to win the NCAA championship?

Hardly....they just cannot run with KU or UK...hell, they may not even make it to the Final Four unless they can figure out a way to beat WVU, Wisconsin, or Temple.

When is last time KU beat OU?

in football? 1984

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