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Q: When did john kitna play football for the Detroit Lions?
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Who were the Detroit Lions quarterbacks from 1980 to present?

Gary Danielson Eric Hipple Rodney Peete Eric Kramer Scott Mitchell Dave Krieg Joe Ferguson Andre Ware Chuck Long Rusty Hilger Bob Galliano Charlie Batch Gus Ferrotte Joey Harrington John Kitna These Are not in order

What is the value of a John Kitna card?

John Kitna played quarterback in the NFL beginning in 1999. He had several cards made so the value would depend on the year of the card and the condition of the card. However, even a rookie John Kitna card is only worth $1 to $2 unless it is an autographed copy.

Who were the quartersbacks for the Detroit Lions from 1981-1985?

Eric Hipple, Joe Ferguson, Gary Danielson, Mike Machurek, John Witkowski, and Jeff Komlo.

Who was the assistant equipment manager for the Detroit Lions before John Brown?

Mark "RaTT" Glenn and dont forget all his mice

What was the Detroit Lions receiver roster in 1989?

The following wide receivers caught at least one pass for the Detroit Lions in 1989: Richard Johnson Robert Clark Jason Phillips Walter Stanley Stacey Mobley Keith McDonald John Ford Carl Painter Mel Gray Troy Johnson Jeff Chadwick

Who were the last 5 starting quarterbacks for the Seattle Seahawks?

Matt Hasselback Seneca Wallace Trent Dilfer John Kitna Warren Moon

Who is the oldest football player but still playing football?

For the 2011 NFL season, the following players were the oldest in the NFL: John Kasay, 2011 New Orleans Saints (42) Position: Placekicker Jason Hanson, 2011 Detroit Lions (41) Position: Placekicker Mark Brunell, 2011 New York Jets (41) Position: Quarterback Jon Kitna, 2011 Dallas Cowboys (39) Position: Quarterback Adam Vinatieri, 2011 Indianapolis Colts (38) Position: Placekicker Kerry Collins, 2011 Indianapolis Colts (38) Position: QB Olindo Mare, 2011 Carolina Panthers (38) Position: Placekicker Casey Wiegmann, 2011 Kansas City Chiefs (38) Position: Center Brian Dawkins, 2011 Denver Broncos (38) Position: Safety

Choose the negation of this statement John is a football player?

John is not a football player((:

Is not football played by john change in kernel sentence?

John plays football

What was the Detroit Lions' record in 2009?

The Tigers were 74-88 in 2008. The Tigers were 74-88 in 2008. The Tigers were 74-88 in 2008.

Where is the Detroit Science Center in Detroit Michigan located?

The address of the Detroit Science Center is: 5020 John R St, Detroit, MI 48226-3692

When was John Meyers - American football - born?

John Meyers - American football - was born on 1940-01-16.