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Bob Sled events first appeared at the 2010 winter Olympics.

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Q: When did bob sledding become an olympic sport?
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Which olympic sport was invented by the Swiss?

Bob sleighing was invented by the Swiss

What year did moguls become olympic sport?

Both men's and women's events have been held since the 1992 Winter Games in Albertville. TAG!! from bob

How do you say bob sleding in french?

sledding de plomb

What is Bob sledding?

a sleigh that people ride on ice in the winter olypics

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How did bob sledding spread?

The bobsled was developed in Switzerland in 1897 when a group of vacationers put runners on a toboggan to get greater speed down the famous Cresta Run at St. Moritz. The sport of racing bobsleds down the mountain quickly became popular among British and American visitors. The first sleds were made of wood but were soon replaced by steel sleds, which were much faster. A part of the Winter Olympic games since their inception in 1924, bobsledding is a sport of exhilarating but dangerous speed.

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