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Q: When did bob huggins coach at University of Cincinnati?
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When was Bob Huggins born?

Bob Huggins was born on 1953-09-21.

Who was the University of Hawaii head coach in 1992?

The head coach of the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors in 1992 was Bob Wagner.

Who was the coach for Oklahoma university in 2000?

Bob Stoops. His first season was in 1999, and he still holds the head coach position today.

Who is the football coach at Oklahoma University?

Bud Wilkinson was the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners football team from 1947 to 1963.

Winningest active college football coach?

Bob Ford. University at Albany. Division 1-AA FCS

What college did current ou football did current ou football coach bob stoops attend?

Iowa University.

What is the occupation of Bob Stoops?

Robert Anthony "Bob" Stoops is the head coach of the University of Ohklahoma football team. His annual Salary is $4,303,000. He also has a record of 149-37.

What has the author Bob Huggins written?

Bob Huggins has written: 'Press Breakers (Art & Science of Coaching)' 'Coaching Match-Up Defense (Art & Science of Coaching)' 'Conditioning for Basketball (Art & Science of Coaching)' 'Set Plays to Score' 'Coaching Fast Break and Secondary Offense'

Who is the coach for Oklahoma?

bob stoops

Is coach Bob Bowman married?


Who is Michael Phelps' coach?

Bob Bowman, they've stuck together as coach and athlete for a long time, through hard times. :)

When was Bob Smith - American football coach - born?

Bob Smith - American football coach - was born on 1940-04-22.