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Robert Anthony "Bob" Stoops is the head coach of the University of Ohklahoma football team. His annual Salary is $4,303,000. He also has a record of 149-37.

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Q: What is the occupation of Bob Stoops?
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What is the birth name of Bob Stoops?

Bob Stoops's birth name is Robert Anthony Stoops.

What is Bob Stoops's birthday?

Bob Stoops was born on September 9, 1960.

When was Bob Stoops born?

Bob Stoops was born on September 9, 1960.

Where was Bob Stoops born?

Bob Stoops was born in Youngstown, Ohio, United States.

Where is bob stoops from?

the moon

When did bob stoops begin coaching at ou?

Bob Stoops began coaching at OU in 1999, I think.

How old is Bob Stoops?

Bob Stoops is 56 years old (birthdate: September 9, 1960).

Who is the coach for Oklahoma?

bob stoops

Where does bob stoops live?

In Oklahoma City

What is Bob Stoops name?

Mac Brown

What religion is Bob Stoops?

He's Catholic

How tall is Bob Stoops?

He's 5' 6".

Where did Bob Stoops play college football?


What position did Bob Stoops play?

Defensive back

Who is the football coach at Oklahoma University?

Bob Stoops

What is the value of a bob stoops autographed football?


What is bob stoops record against Texas?


When did bob stoops take over as head coach of ou football coach?

Bob Stoops was hired as head football coach of the Oklahoma Sooners on 1st December, 1998.

How many bowl games has bob stoops won?

After Oklahoma defeated Alabama in the 2014 Sugar Bowl, Bob Stoops is now 8-7 as a head coach in bowl games.

Who was a defensive coordinator during the Spurrier years at Florida?

Bob Stoops

Who is the highest paid division 2 football coach?

Bob Stoops

What college football coach has the most wins since 2000?

Bob Stoops

Which coach produced the most NFL players?

Bob stoops, Oklahoma sooners

Which active football division one coach has the most championships?

Bob stoops

How many games has bob stoops won as a football coach of the university of Oklahoma?

Bob Stoops has won 139 games (record is 139-34) in 13 seasons (1999-2011) as head coach of the Sooners.