When did Wales win the World Cup?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes but only once it was TNS in the year 1968 beating Aberdeen in a qualifier 2-1 on aggregate but they failed to win any games in the competetion only getting a draw to a Norwegian team at home who were lucky to get in to Europe aswell but they lost to every other team by big score lines and even lost 7-2 to the team they drew with before at their stadium when TNS travelled away to Norway

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Wales have never actually won the world cup:

Australia: 2

New Zealand: 1

South Africa: 2

France: 1

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No Wales have never been to the world cup final.

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Q: When did Wales win the World Cup?
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Will Wales win the 2015 Rugby World Cup?

WikiAnswers cannot tell the future. Wales have a chance, but there are better teams than they are.

Is Wales in 2010 World Cup?

No wales is not taking part in the 2010 world cup final.

Did wales ever won a world cup at anything?

no wales has not won any world cup's in football

Can wales qualify for world cup?

No I do not think that they can qualify for the world cup.

Will wales win the World Cup?

wales has a lot of chance winning the rugby world cup and if they try their hardest with south Africa they can do it and thy will!!!!!!! Well as long as they enter it one year they might have a good chance, but so far they only entered once!

Where was the 1999 rugby World Cup played?

The Rugby World Cup competition of 1999 was held in Wales.

Did the UK ever win a world cup?

The United Kingdom (UK) is an amalgamation of England, Scotland, Northern Irleand and Wales of these only England has won the FIFA world cup, once in 1966.

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As they are not in the world cup each time I do not think they will win the world cup.

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Holland have yet to win a world cup.

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France won their world cup in the year 1998.It was their only win of the world cup.