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because he got big legs

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Q: When did Usain Bolt get his first medal?
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What was Usain Bolt's first medal?


When did Usain Bolt get his first Olympic medal?

He got his medal in 2008 in Beijing.

How old was Usain Bolt when he won his first medal?


What year did usain bolt win his first gold medal?


What was Usain Bolt's first medal at a meet?

Bolt won his first annual high school championships medal in 2001, taking the silver medal in the 200 meters with a time of 22.04 seconds.

How many silver medal's has Usain Bolt won?

Usain bolt has won 8 gold medals

Who does Usain Bolt live with?

It is not known who Usain Bolt lives with. Usain is an Olympic gold medal sprinter from Kingston, Jamaica. He is thought to be the fastest man ever.

Who won Britain's last gold medal?

usain bolt

How many medal's has usain bolt won in the Olympics ever?


How old was Usain Bolt when he won his first gold medal?

Usain Bolt won his first gold medal in international competition in the 400 meters at the Carifta Games in 2002. He was 15 years old at the time. He also won gold medals at the Central American and Caribbean Championships and the World Junior Championships the same year before he turned 16.

What kind of chain does usain bolt wear around his neck?

miraculous medal

How much money did Usain Bolt win for a gold medal?

25,000 dollars

What medal did usain bolt win for 2012 track and field Olympics?


Who won the mens athletics 100m gold medal 2008?

Usain Bolt.

Who won the gold medal men's 100m 2012?

It was the Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt

How many gold medal have usain bolt won?

3 Olympic gold medals.

Who won the gold medal in mens 100m race in Olympics-2008?

Usain Bolt

What year did Usain Bolt win this 1st Olympic gold medal?

2009 x

What awards did Usain bolt win?

he won a gold medal and 2 silver medals

How many bronze has Usain bolt won in the whole of his life?

The answer is one Bronze medal!

What did Usain Bolt do before he was famous?

USAIN Bolt won 200m gold medal at the 2002 world Junior champion ship makeing him the competitions youngest ever gold medalist at the time.

Athletes whose first name start with an U?

Usain Bolt, winner in the Olympics. Worlds Fastest man

Who won the gold medal in100 meters race in london olympics 2012?

Usain bolt

Who won the gold medal in 100 meters in London 2012?

Usain Bolt won the men's

Who won gold medal in 100 meters race London Olympics 2012?

Usain Bolt