When did Tiger Woods go to college?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: When did Tiger Woods go to college?
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What college did tiger woods attend when he left to go pro?


What years did Tiger Woods go to college?

1993-1996 He left to turn pro.

Where did Tiger Woods attend college?

Tiger attended Stanford.

When did Tiger Woods go into surgery?

tiger woods went to sergy when you were borm

What is the name of Tiger Woods college?

umm idk what you're trying to ask but he did go to Standford University

What activities did Tiger Woods attend in college?


What nicknames does Tiger Woods go by?

Tiger Woods goes by Mr. T, and Righty.

When did tiger woods go into the rehab in Mississippi?

yes tiger woods went to sex rehab

Where did Wood go to college?

Tiger Woods went to college at Stanford University but left after two years to join the professional Golf tour. In college, his studies were concentrated in Economics.

What college did Tiger Woods attend?

He went to Stanford from 1994-1996.

Did Tiger Woods go into the Olympics?

No, Golf hasn't been in the Olympics during Tiger Woods' life time.

Did Tiger Woods compete against Phil mickelson in college golf?

No, Mickelson had graduated about two years before Tiger began college.