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It all began when the nfl tried to squeeze a big schedule in such short time

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Monday night football started September 1 1970 with the new york jets and Cleveland Browns. Browns won 31-21!!

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Thursday Night Football was created on 2006-11-23.

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Q: When did Thursday night football start every Thursday?
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When did the NFL start regular scheduled Thursday Night games?


What date will the 2009 2010 NFL football season start?

It will start the second week of September. Thursday September 10 to be exact , Thursday September the 9th to be more precise.

When will football start in 2011?

The NFL season will begin on Thursday night, September 8th with the Green Bay Packers hosting the New Orleans Saints. The rest of the teams will begin on Sunday, September 11th.

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It is currently the preseason for professional American football. The NFL regular season begins on Thursday, September 8th at 8p.m.

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What is the Indianapolis Colts Monday Night Football record since Monday Night Football first aired?

Answer As of the start of the 2007 season, the Baltimore Colts record on Monday Night Football was 8-4 and the Indianapolis Colts record on MNF is 10-7.

What time does Monday night football start?

Monday Night Football starts each year at 8:00 PM Central time. Each Monday night a different team will play each other.

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because his dad introduced it to him and every since then he's been playing football.

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