When did TKO Super Championship Boxing happen?

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TKO Super Championship Boxing happened in 1992.

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Q: When did TKO Super Championship Boxing happen?
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When was TKO Super Championship Boxing created?

TKO Super Championship Boxing was created on 1992-04-28.

When was the first TKO in Olympic boxing?


Who won the dream match boxing 2008?

pacquiao bt tko

What does T.K.O stand for?

It is the abbreviation in boxing for a Technical Knock Out

In a boxing match between Hoda Kotb Kathie Lee who would win and how?

Hoda, tko in two.

What is Carl Williams mostly known for?

Carl Williams (1959-2013) is mostly known for having fought and lost to Mike Tyson for the heavyweight boxing championship in 1989, by a first-round TKO . His nickname was The Truth and he was from Belle Glade, FL.

What does the T stand for in the boxing expression TKO?

Technical Something of a misnomer, it should be said. A lot of different things can be called a "TKO", some of them nothing close to a traditional 10-count "KO", some of them every bit as conclusive or brutal

What does T K O means in fighting?

The term TKO is used in boxing as well as other types of fighting. This means total knock out.

What does TKO mean?

TKO means total knock out.

In boxing what does TKO stand for?

Tko stands for technical knock-out, which means that either the referee stopped the fight, the corner threw in the towel, or one fighter quit. ko means knock out, which means that one fighter didn't beat the ref's ten count.

What boxing match had the most knockouts?

In a single boxing match, there cannot be many knockouts but if you ask which boxer had the most knockouts then Billy Bird is the right answer with 139 TKO/KOs.

When was TKO Software created?

TKO Software was created in 2002.

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