When did Sachin make his 1st double hundred?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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217 runs against New Zealand at Ahmadabad on 29th Oct 1999.

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Q: When did Sachin make his 1st double hundred?
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Who scored 1st double century in one day internationals?

Sachin Tendulkar.

How many odi sachin take to make his 1st century?


When was Sachin tendulkar first test match?

Sachin Tendulkar play 1st test match in 1989.

When was Sachin Tendulkar's father born?

Sachin Tendulkar's father was born on 1st Jan 1970. He died in 1999.

Whome against sachin played his 1st odi?


Record holder for 1st class runs in cricket?

sachin tendulkar

How much sachin tendulkar average in his 1st 80 ODI matches?


Which player did Sachin Tendulkar has taken 1st international wicket?

Rs mahanama

Who is caption of Indian team when play sachin tendulkar his 1st test match?


How many run made sachin in his 1st odis match against pak?


How many runs did Sachin made in his 1st ODI against Pak?

He scored 0

Which Indian cricketer to appear 1st time on the cover of Time magazine?

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar