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1987 (Senior team in 1990)

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Q: When did Ryan giggs join Manchester football club?
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What football club does Ryan giggs support?

Manchester united

Which football player has made the most appearances for a single English club?

Ryan Giggs for Manchester United

Which club that Ryan giggs not played against one club out of 43 IN EPL?

It is Manchester United.

Who is the longest serving player in English football at one club?

Ryan Giggs i think it's 22yeats he's been at Manchester United

Which football player played longest for any club?

It is Ryan Giggs with Manchester United from 1991 onwards and at 37 years he is still playing.

Who influenced Ryan giggs?

It was Ian rush and lex Ferguson who influenced him. Actually Ryan giggs was going to sign for Manchester city at 14 years. But Ferguson told him Manchester United was the club for him.

Who has has played most football games for one club?

Ryan Giggs with 805 for Manchester United, although in Italy, Paolo Maldini played 900 games for AC Milan. Most games overall in the Premier League = 1,005 by Peter Shilton, Ryan Giggs played only 600 games for Manchester United.

How many club trophies has Ryan Giggs won with Manchester united?

Ryan Giggs has won a total of 31 trophies at Manchester United in 21 years. and he is the only player to score each year in the E.P.L. that he has played. ye ye bitch

Which football player has spent the most time at one club?

Here there are two of them Paulo Maldini of a.c. Milan and Ryan Giggs of Manchester United. Both have played their entire careers at one club only.

How many players have scored a 100 goals for there club?

Ryan giggs Manchester united and Matt le tissier Southampton

Who are some of the UK footballers?

Wayne Rooney,Ryan Giggs,Ashley Young,Phil Jones,Danny Welbek,Jonny Evans are some of the players on the Manchester United football team or club

Who is the only player to have played for the same premiership club every season since the premiership began?

Ryan Giggs of Manchester United

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