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n did princeton last win national championship in college Basketball

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Q: When did Princeton last win a college football national championship?
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Which college football team won the first ncaa football championship?

In 1869 Princeton and Rutgers split the college football National Championship. The first consensus (Coaches' and Media polls) National Championship was Oklahoma in 1950.

When did College Football's National Championship happen?

College Football's National Championship happened in 1994.

When was College Football's National Championship created?

College Football's National Championship was created on 1994-05-06.

Who won the National Championship in college football in 1942?

The Georgia Bulldogs claim the college football National Championship in 1942.

Has Rutgers ever won college football national championship?

Yes in 1869. They split the championship with Princeton which is a joke because Rutgers beat Princeton during the regular season. First intercollegiate football game was indeed in 1869. Score: Rutgers 16 Princeton 8.

When did notore dame when its first national college football championship?

Notre Dame won its first College Football National Championship in 1924.

How many college football national championships does Princeton have?

they have 28

How many people watch the college football national championship?

aproximatly 45 million people watched the 2007 College Football National Championship

Who won national championship in college football?


Which college coach has won multiple football national championships?


Which college football team has not won a national championship?

a lot

In 2003 who won the national championship for college football?


Who is going to win the national championship in college football?


What college has the most football national championship titles?


What is the college football Super Bowl?

BCS National Championship

Who has the most football national championship in college?

Princeton has 29, Yale has 26, Alabama has 14, and Notre dame is tied in 4th place with Michigan and USC

What is the name of the national championship football game?

It is the "BCS National Championship Game." Beginning with the January 2015 game it will be referred to as "College Football Playoff Championship Game".

Who is second in national college football championships?

Yale #1 Princeton #2

What was the smallest college in college football history to ever win a national championship?


Who won the 1965 college football national championship?

Alabama was voted #1 after the 1965 college football postseason.

Who won the national championship in NCAA college football 2011?


Who won the 2002 national championship in college football?

Ohio State

Who won the college football national championship in 1946?

Notre Dame

What was the 1992 College Football National Championship point spread?


Who won the 1974 National Championship in College Football?

Central Michigan