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1998 NFL Season

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Q: When did Peyton Manning start as Quarter Back for the Colts?
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What year did Peyton Manning start playing for the colts?


Where did Peyton Manning start his NFL career at?

Peyton Manning has played his entire career so far with the Indianapolis Colts.

When did Peyton Manning go to the Indianapolis Colts?

Peyton Manning was the Colts first round choice in 1998.

When did Peyton Manning start to play professional?

Peyton Manning started playing professional football in 1998. He was selected first overall in the draft for the Indianapolis Colts. He played for Idianapolis for for 14 seasons and was traded to the Denver Broncos in 2012.

Who should you start in week 3 Donovan McNabb or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning.

Will curtis painter ever start?

curtis painter is garbage. he has thrown incalculable interceptions so no, if Peyton manning gets hurt the colts will be garbage.

When did Peyton Manning start playing NFL?

He was draftet first overall in the 1998 draft and he was the starting quarterback for Indianapolis Colts from the beginning.

When did Peyton Manning start playing football?

Peyton Manning started playing football when he was in High School.

First 4 years in nfl who has the best start Eli Manning or Peyton Manning?

Peyton, Eli was below average for his first few years.

Did Peyton Manning get kicked off the colts?

The Colts had two reasons why they released Manning. 1. His salary cap number would have left the Colts unable to sign additional players. 2. The Colts want to clean house and start from scratch. They have released multiple players from the Manning era (Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, Melvin Bullitt, to name three) and want to basically "blow up" the roster and build a new one behind the quarterback they hope to draft.

What age did Peyton Manning start playing football?

8 year old

When did payton manning start playing NFL?

Peyton started on may 3 2004