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Through the 2008 season, that was the 1979 Sugar Bowl won by Alabama, 14-7.

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Q: When did Penn State last play Alabama in a bowl game?
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Was Alabama ever shut out in a bowl game?

Yes, Alabama lost to Penn State 7-0 in the 1959 Liberty Bowl.

Where can you find information on Penn State Bowl Game?

There is no such thing as "Penn State Bowl Game", thus one cannot find information on "Penn State Bowl Game" anywhere. However, there is something know as "Penn State Bowl Record" and "Penn State Nittany Lions bowl game".

Who did Alabama play in 1978 national championship game?

Arkansas ? More famous was the 1979 Sugar Bowl game with Penn State.

Who did Penn State play in 1967 bowl game?

Penn State played Florida State in the 1967 Gator Bowl. The game ended in a 17-17 tie.

What is the value of an unused 1959 Liberty Bowl ticket for the Penn State vs Alabama game featuring Paul ''Bear'' Bryant in his first bowl game?

500 to 600 dollars

What bowl did Penn state go to in 06?

The 2006 football season saw Penn State versus Tennessee in the Outback Bowl. Penn State won the game 20-10.

What was the second bowl game penn state was in?

Penn State's second bowl appearance was in the 1948 Cotton Bowl Classic where they met Dallas SMU. The game ended in a 13-13 tie.

Who did Penn state play in 1968 bowl season?

Penn State's bowl game in the 1968 season was the Orange Bowl played January 1, 1969. They defeated Kansas, 15-14.

What is Alabama's lifetime record against Penn State?

This series between the two schools is at 13 games played with Alabama leading the all times series with 8 wins to 5 losses. The year and the score for each and every game played between the two schools is listed below ... 10/27/1990 Alabama 0 Penn State 9 10/28/1989 Alabama 17 Penn State 16 10/22/1988 Alabama 8 Penn State 0 9/12/1987 Alabama 24 Penn State 13 10/25/1986 Alabama 3 Penn State 23 10/12/1985 Alabama 17 Penn State 19 10/13/1984 Alabama 6 Penn State 0 10/8/1983 Alabama 28 Penn State 34 10/9/1982 Alabama 42 Penn State 21 11/14/1981 Alabama 31 Penn State 16 1/1/1979 Alabama 14 Penn State 7 12/31/1975 Alabama 13 Penn State 6 12/19/1959 Alabama 0 Penn State 7

What was the first Big Ten team Penn State played in a bowl game?

Ohio State

What was the last year Penn State played LSU?

They played last December in the holiday bowl. Penn State won in a great game:)

Did Penn State ever tie Alabama in Football?

No.Through November, 2009 Penn State and Alabama have met 13 times with Alabama leading the series 8-5. The closest score to a tie was the game played in 1989 that was won by Alabama, 17-16.

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