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yes, in 2009 they beat Michigan State

Michigan State-MSU

North Carolina-UNC

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Q: When did North Carolina win national championships?
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How many championships did North Carolina win?

In basketball they have won 5 championships in Division 1.

How many national championships did Ohio States win?

They have won 7 National Championships in football. In Basketball They have one two national championships.

What years did the ACC win NCAA championships mens basketball?

Duke 1991, 1992, 1999 North Carolina 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005 North Carolina State 1974, 1983 Maryland 2002

What year did North Carolina university win a national championship?

1982 , 1993 , 2009

How many national championships has lsu won?

LSU has won 4 national championships, 1908,1958,2003, and 2007. They were the first college to win 2 BCS National Championships.

How many national championships does North Carolina have in mens basketball?

They have won 5 NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS 1957 1982 1993 2001 and 2009 They also won 1920 championship. They didn't have the bracket and Carolina went undefeated. They did not win in 1924 (or 1920). The Helms Foundation retroactively voted for its own 'National Champions' and in 1941 selected UNC for the 1924 season. Many schools do not recognize these awards as legit National Championships, including Kentucky which was selected for multiple years. Butler also claims to own the 1924 title for its AAU Tournament National Championship.

How many times did penn state win national championships in football?

They have won two consensus national championships 1982 and 1986

Which NCAA Division 1 men's basketball team will win the national championship?


Which NCAA baseball team will win the national championship in 2009?

=University of North Carolina..........==Go Tar Heels=

How many Negro National League Championships did Homestead Grays win?

they won 9 championships

Did North Carolina Beat Michigan to win National Championship in 1992?

No. Duke beat Michigan in 1992, 71-51.

Did North Carolina state ever win a national championship?

Yes, they have won 2. First in 1974 and then again in 1983.

How many national championships did Larry bird win?


How many national championships did UNLV win in the 1990s?


How many national championships did Joe Paterno win?


When did UGA win a football national championship?

UGA has won two consensus NCAA national championships and that was in 1942 and1980 when they has also won a share of three other National Championships in 1927, 1946 and 1968 bringing the total to 5 National Championships!

Who won the finals in 2005?

North Carolina won its fourth national title with a 75-70 win in the championship game over Illinois. North Carolina's Sean May was named the tournament's Most Outstanding Player.

Who won national championship in 1993?

North Carolina beat Michigan to win the 1993 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship.

How many national championships did Texas win in football only?


How many national championships did Tim Tebow win in college?


Which years did Florida State win the National Championships?

1993 and 1999

What years did auburn win the national championships?

Year, not years. 1957.

When did the Iowa Hawkeyes win there National Championships?

A couple years ago

How many national championships did bear Bryant win at Alabama?


How many national championships did the giants win?

3 so far