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New Zealand's first Olympic gold medal was won at the 1928 Games in Amsterdam by Ted Morgan in boxing in the welterweight division.

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Q: When did New Zealand get their first olympic gold?
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Which sport won the first gold medal for the New Zealand olympic team?

Jack Beatson

Who won gold from New Zealand in the 1980 olympic games?

No athlete from New Zealand won gold at the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow. The New Zealand Olympic Committee officially boycotted those Games and the athletes from New Zealand that did participate were competing under the flag of the New Zealand Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association. Five athletes participated and no medals were won.

Who won New Zealand's first Olympic track and field gold medal in 1993?

Jim Thorpe

First Olympic gold medal for New Zealand in boxing?

That was welterweight Ted Morgan who won gold at the 1928 Games in Amsterdam.

Where does Sarah ulmer live?

Sarah Ulmer lives in Auckland, New Zealand. She is the olympic gold medalist and she won the gold medal for cycling. She is the first woman from New Zealand to win it and she set a record while doing it.Cambridge, New Zealand

Who won New Zealand's first gold medal in track and field?

New Zealand's first gold medal in Olympic athletics (track and field) was won by Jack Lovelock in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. He won the 1500 meter race in what was then a world record time of 3:47.8.

In what event did New Zealand win a lot of gold medals in the 1980 olympic games?

New Zealand did not win any medals at the 1980 Summer Olympic Games.

When did Yvettte Williams die?

According to the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame, Yvette Williams, New Zealand's first woman Olympic gold medalist, is still living at the age of 79.

What 1980s olympic event did new zealand win a lot of gold medals?

In 1984 New Zealand's male kayakers won 4 gold medals,half of the 8 golds that New Zealand won that year.

What olympic game did Yvette Williams win her gold medals?

Yvette Williams won her gold medal at the 1952 Games in Helsinki in women's long jump. She was the first woman from New Zealand to win an Olympic gold medal.

When did New Zealand first participate in Olympics?

New zealand first participated at the olympic Games in 1980, and has sent the althetes to compete in every summer Olympic GAmes since then.

How many Olympic gold medals has New Zealand won?

New Zealand has won 33 gold medals but this year (2012) we have won 3 medals so far

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