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In 2114

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Q: When did Nepal play the Fifa world cup final game?
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How many people watched 2006 world cup final game?

According to FIFA, 715.1 million individuals globally watched the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final

199954 spectators watched the final game of the world cup in which year?

1950 FIFA World Cup.

In which year did 199954 spectators watch the final game of the world cup?

1950 FIFA World Cup Final (Uruguay Vs Brazil)

Which four European nations have been to the final game of a FIFA World Cup?

the four Europen nations to be in a world cup final are ,France, Italy,Germany and England.

A record number 199954 spectators watched the final game of the world cup in which year?

199,854 (Uruguay Vs Brazil, 1950 FIFA World Cup Final)

What is FIFA's motto?

The motto of FIFA is 'For the Game. For the World.'.

What defeated in 2002 FIFA World Cup final Brazil?

Brazil won the '2002 Fifa World Cup Final' against Germany, this was won by two Ronaldo goals coming in the 67th and 79th minute of the game. The final score being 2-0 to Brazil.

How can you play FIFA World Cup in FIFA 10 psp?

i dont think that world cup mode is there in fifa 10. it is there as a seperate game called 2010 fifa world cup the game.

What is the kick-off time - in GMT - of the final game of the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

6:30 pm GMT

Who scored the hatrick in the world cup game in 1966?

Geoff Hurst of England scored a hat-trick in the 1966 fifa world cup final.

Where will the final fifa game be played 2010?

Soccer City, Johannesburg.

Who won the last FIFA 2007 World Cup?

There wasn't a World Cup in 2007. The FIFA World Cup occurs only every four years. The last World Cup was held in 2006 in Germany and Italy won the tournament beating France on penalties in the final. The final game was played in Berlin.

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