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When Michael wad 11

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Q: When did Michael Phelps father Fred Phelps leave him?
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Michael Phelps's father?

Fred Phelps

Is Fred Phelps Michael Phelps father?

Yes, Michael's parents Fred and Debbie separated in 1993, and divorced when Michael was 9.

Who is Michael Phelps father?

Fred Phelps, divorced at a young age

Who are Michael Phelps parents?

Fred Phelps is his father and Deborah "Debbie" Phelps is his mother

Who is Michael Phelps' dad?

Fred Phelps is his dad

Who is Fred Phelps father of Michael Phelps' mother and father?

He was a State Trooper, and I believe he may have been a competitive swimmer too.

What is Michael Phelps birth name?

Michael Fred Phelps

What is Michael Phelps relationship with his father like?

Michael Phelps' father, Fred, separated from Michael's mother (Debbie) in 1993, when Michael was 7. Fred attended the games in Athens in 2004, but followed the 2008 games on television. He and Michael are in contact and appear to have a cordial relationship, but certainly not a close one.

What is Michael Phelps's middle name?

his full name is Michael Fred Phelps! #1 phelps phan!!!

Michael Phelps family?

Michael Phelps is the athlete that has won the most Olympic medals in history to date. He is the youngest of three children. His father is Michael Fred Phelps and his mother is Deborah Sue Phelps. He has two sisters called Whitney and Hilary.

What is Michael Phelps middle name?

Fred is Michael phelps middle name It's weird but it's is!! His full name is Michael Fred Phelps!! I know some of you might thinks it's Fredrick or things like that but it is NOT it is just FRED!

What is Michael Phelps fathers name?


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