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Q: When did Michael Johnson join NBA?
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What year majic Johnson join the NBA?

in 1979 he join in the nba and this season he won the title

How many NBA championships for Magic Johnson and how many championships for Michael Jordan?

Magic Johnson won five NBA championships. Michael Jordan is a six-time NBA champion.

When did Michael Jordan join NBA?


What year did Michael Jordan join NBA?


What year did Michael Jordan join then NBA?


What year did Michael Jordan the join the NBA?


Why did Michael Jordan join nba?

Because he was good at basketball

When did Michael Jordan join the nba's Chicago Bulls?


When did Michael Jordan first join the NBA?

Michael Jordan entered the NBA in 1984, being the 3rd overall pick in the 1984 draft by the Chicago Bulls.

Why did Michael Jordan join the NBA?

to make everyone proud and that he will succeed.

What yeaer did Michael Jackson join NBA?

its Micheal Jordan stupid

What year did Michael Jordan join the nba and with what team?

1984 Chicago Bulls

What year did Michael Jordan join the NBA choose number 23?


Did Michael Jordan leave college after his junior year to join the NBA?


How did Michael Jordan join the NBA?

Michael Jordan joined the NBA by being drafted third overall out of North Carolina to a team who immediately traded his rights to the Chicago Bulls.

What year did Micheal ordan join the nba?

Former basketball player Michael Jordan was drafted into the NBA in 1984. He played in the NBA until 2003 when he retired.

Who is going to be on the cover of nba 2k12?

Earvin Johnson Larry Bird and Michael Jordan

Who is the owner of the NBA team Charlotte Bobcats?

Robert JohnsonRobert Johnson is the majority owner of the Bobcats with NBA legend, Michael Jordan as minority owner ... Johnson made NBA history as the first African-American to become a majority owner of a NBA team ... It is also worth noting that Johnson is also the owner of the WNBA team Charlotte Sting ...

What basketball players have won college NBA and olympic championships?

michael jordan, magic johnson

What NBA players have the most 30 point games?

Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan ervin Johnson

Who was better than Michael Jordan?

Larry Bird and Irving"magic"Johnson are better cause they saved the NBA

What year did Michael Jordan join the NBA?

He was selected after his junior season in North Carolina at Chapel Hill by the Chicago Bulls in the first round, third overall, in the 1984 NBA draft.

When does magic Johnson retire from the NBA?

Magic Johnson retired from the NBA in 1996.

Is Michael jorden on NBA live 10?

Michael Jordan is not NBA Live 10 but he is on NBA 2k11.

How do you get Michael Jordan in NBA 2k10?

Michael Jordan is unfortunataly not on the game NBA 2k10. He is on NBA 2k09.