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Mia Hamm started playing at age 15.

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Q: When did Mia Hamm start playing national team?
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What year did mia hamm start playing on a national team?


At what age did Mia Hamm start playing soccer for the National Women Soccer Team?

at age 15,

When did mia Hamm start playing soccer?

Mia Hamm started playing soccer when she was nine but she was 15 before she was in the women's soccer team and she was the youngest player to this day

What team does mia hamm play for?

She played for the U.S. Womens National Team

When did mia hamm make the US soccer team?

Mia Hamm started playing on the women's US Soccer Team in 1987.

What team did Mia Hamm play on?

She played on the Womens United States National Team

Mia Hamm has played for what national teams?

Mia Hamm played on the American National Team. She has not played on the national team of any other country. Use the link below to review the career of this exceptional player.

Who does Mia hamm play for?

She played for the USA national team, but she does not play for that team any longer.

Did Mia Hamm Start A Soccer Team For Kids?

No, but she coached one!

What teams did Mia Hamm play on?

She played on the U.S women's national soccer team.

Is mia hamm going to play on the US national team?

No she has retired long ago.

How old was Mia Hamm when she first made the US Womens National Soccer Team?


How many years did Mia Hamm play soccer for the US National Team?

17 years

How old was Mia Hamm when she played for the National team?

She was nineteen when she started and was thirty-two when she retired.

What age did mia hamm get asked to go play international soccer?

Mia Hamm played on the U.S Womens National team at the age of fifteen in 1987.

What is the challenges of Mia Hamm?

Mia Hamm lost her brother whileplaying on the US girls national team . She has gone through divorce and many other things.

How old must you be to start playing soccer for a national team?

There is no restriction on age; players are selcted on skill.

What was Mia Hamm's main accomplishment?

I think Mia Hamm's greatest accomplishment was in 1991 when the women's national team won the FIFA Women's World CUP for the first time.

Did Mia Hamm play soccer with the US right after college?

Mia Hamm joined the US national team at age 15. She attended college at the University of North Carolina.

What year did the cowboys start playing?

The Dallas Cowboys joined the National Football League as an expansion team in 1960.

What is Mia Hamm's current Occupation?

As of September 2014, Mia Hamm is the global ambassador for FC Barcelona. Hamm played soccer for the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Washington Freedom, and the US National team before retiring in 2004.

Was Mia hamm the team captain?


What sports did Mia Hamm play in high school?

Mia Hamm played soccer in high school butbthen moved to the USA womans national team when she was just 15 years old.

What team did Mia Hamm Play on first?

First, Mia Hamm played for the Tar Heels. Then, she played for Team USA! :)

What did Mia Hamm accomplish?

Mia Hamm accomplished so much in her career as a pro soccer player. She won countless awards in college when she went to North Carolina and played for the Tar Heels. Mia was in 4 World Cups, in which she and the team won in 1991. She played in 3 different Olympics, which she and the National Team won once. Also, Mia Hamm has a record of the most goals scored by one player on the U.S. National Team.