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Q: When did Mexico last host The Olympic Games?
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What country has hosted the last Olympic games?

The last country to host the Olympic games was England.

When did England last host the olympic games?


When did Britain last host the Olympic Games?

In 1964

When did Italy host the Olympic games last?


What were the last two countries to host the Olympic games?

it is our country

When did London last host the Olympic Games?

2012: this is the answer today.

When did London last host the summer olympic games?


What was the last European city to host the Olympic games?

Athens, Greece.

When did Great Britain last host the Olympic games?

Great Britain last held the Olympics in 1948

Where was the last Olympic games?

the last olympic games was in BEIJING

What is the last country to host the Olympic games?

Athens City in Greece hosted the last summer Olympics in 2004

What was the last city in the United States to host the Olympic games?

Salt Lake City 2002 Winter games.

What where the last 5 countries to host the olympic games?

Great Britain Canada China Italy Greece

What happens when Greece are hosting the olympic games which country marches first and last then?

Greece ALWAYS marches first. No matter what. But I dont think Greece will host the olympic games.

Which Country's team always marches last in the Parade of Nations in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games?

The Host Country.

When did Britain last apply to host the Olympics?

we applied in 2005 and it was then that it was anounced that Britain was to hold the 2012 Olympic Games.

Where and when in Australia was the last Olympic Games?

The last Olympic Games held in Australia were in Sydney in 2000.

At the modern Olympic opening ceremonies in Athens did the Greek team walk in first as the games' creators or last as the host country?

The walked last in 2004.

When was the last olympic game held not including beijing 2008 olympic games?

The last Winter Olympic Games were in Torino (Turin) Italy in 2006. The last Summer Olympic Games were in Athens. Greece in 2004.

When were the last Olympic games?

The last Olympic games was the 2006 Winter Olympics held in Turin, Italy.

What Olympic game is cancelled compare to last Olympic games?


When was the last time the Olympic games were held in the UK?

Prior to 2012, the UK last hosted teh Olympic games in 1948.

How long does the olympic games last?


When and where were the last Olympic games held?

in Alaska

Who won the last olympic games?