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When Matt was about 9 and Jeff 6

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Q: When did Matt and Jeff Hardy's mother died?
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Did Jeff and Matt hardys mum died of cancer?

The Hardys' mother died of brain cancer in 1987.

When did Matt and Jeff Hardys mother die?

Their mother died of brain cancer in 1986.

What is Jeff hardys moms name?

Wwe's Jeff Hardy's moms name is Rudy Moore Hardy she had died from brain cancer in 1986 when Jeff was 9 and Matt was 12.

How did Jeff hardys dog die?

Either Jeff's brother Matt killed him when they hated each other in 2008-2009 or he died in Jeffs house fire

Which one of Jeff hardys dogs died in fire?

His name was Jack. Matt tried to save him but the fire was growing to wildly.

How did Matt and Jeff hardys mom died?

Jeff hardy was the name of their mom and she died of potato sauce cancer when she licked i am a sick assss hole that has no life no the person tha said that is a sick B!@#$ and Matt and jeffs mom died of brain cancer Jeff was bout 6 i think and Matt 9 which must be horrible to have to watch them suffer :(

What is Jeff Hardys Childhood?

Jeff and his brother Matt's mother died when they were young and their dad had to go to work so they took care of each other and after their mom died they started doing exciting things and they had a lot of fun and they got really close but at the role ruble mat buttered Jeff and they weren't the hardy boyz any more they stopped talking and at back lash Matt apologized to Jeff and 3 months later Jeff use fired in a i quite match and he haz not come back but he said he might not and so Jeff is at home and Matt is still wrestling

How did Matt and Jeff Hardy's mother died?

By Brain Cancer

How did Matt hardy and Jeff hardy mother die?

She died from brain cancer

WHo is Matt Hardy's mother?

Matt and Jeff Hardy's mom was Ruby Moore, but she died when they were really young of cancer

Is Jeff hardys mom dead?

Yes, She died of Cancer

Why are Matt and Jeff fighting?

they are fighing because Matt was so jealous that he hit Jeff in the head with a steel chair at the royal rumble when Jeff was in a match with edge.that is how it all started.then it all ended at wrestlemania in the hardys 'i quit' match.Matt hardy quit and Jeff hardy won.but at the very end,Matt brought up him and jeffs mom who had died about 23 years ago and i think Jeff started to cry when Matt did that because Jeff sniffled a little bit.Matt was jealous of all jeffs fans.he thought Jeff had way more fans than him which is totally true.

Is Matt and Jeff Hardy's father dead?

No their mother died but their father is still alive but he is sick.

Jeff hardy mum and dad?

what? but Jeff hardy still has a dad, but saddly his mother died of cancer when he was 9 and Matt hardy was 12.

Did Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy's Mom and Dad die?

There Mother died of Brain Cancer Before both of the boys were even 10 :(

How old was Jeff hardy when his mom died?

Jeff was 9 when his mom died. he said it was a tough time for him and Matt.

How old was Jeff Hardys dog when he died?

his dog died on march the 15 2008 he died by a house fire jack was killed and his dog was only 4 years old!

What year did Jeff Hardy's mom die?

She died of brain cancer in 1986, when Matt was 12 and Jeff was 9.

What did Jeff Hardy's mother die of?

she died of brain cancer in 1986 when Jeff was 9

Was Emma Jeff's Hardy baby that died from Ashley massro?

No Jeff never dated Ashley it was Matt! They never had any kids together!

Does Matt and Jeff Hardy have a webpage for their clothing?

no, they don't. but they have a web show called the hardy episode is where Jeff purposoly pees in his is really funny,it even shows his dog jack before he sad is that! Matt didnt actually kill jack in that fire,that was just the healine for the Jeff and Matt fued.jack actually died in a house fire that Matt did not start.the fire was caused by faulty electrical wiring in jeffs house.

Who is Jeff hardy and Matt hardy mom?

Her name was Ruby but she died of brain cancer when the guys were real young

How did Jeff hardy mom die?

his mother died of brain cancer in 1986 when he was 9.

Do the hardys still exist?

Yes they do because they haven't died yet or quit WWE.

When did Jeff Brownschidle die?

Jeff Brownschidle died in 1996.