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He won his first race on July 12, 2009. It was the Santander Grand Prix of Germany at Nurburgring.

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Q: When did Mark Webber win his first race?
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Who will win the Japanese f1 grand prix 2010?

The 2010 Japanese Grand Prix is already over. Sebastian Vettel started the race in pole position and went on to win the race in his Red Bull car. His teammate Mark Webber came in 2nd place followed by the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso in 3rd. Mark Webber set the fastest lap of the race.

Did Mark Webber win the formula 1 world championship?


How many races did Mark Webber win in 2011?

So far in 2011 Mark has been unable to win any races. His best result was a second at the Turkish Grand Prix. Mark Webber ended up winning one race in 2011. It was the Petrobras Grand Prix of Brazil on November 27th at Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace.

How many race wins has Mark Webber had so far in 2011?

So far this year, Mark has been unable to win. His best result was in Turkey where he finished second to Sebastian Vettel.

Who was the last Australian to win a formula one race?

Mark Webber is the last Australian to win a Formula One Grand Prix. He won his nineth and last race at the 2012 British Grand Prix for Red Bull. *As of April 11th, 2014

When did Mark Martin win his first race?

On October 22, 1989, in Rockingham, North Carolina.

How do you win drag race?

You get in as the first person in the race. the way that you win a drag race is the first person that leaves the starting line first and can stay in front of the other car till they reach the 1/4 or 1/8 mile mark

What did Australia's Mark Webber win last week for his Red Bull team?

Mark Webber won the British Grand Prix driving for the Red Bull chassis. He overtook championship leader, Fernando Alonso in the dying laps to win.*As of July 25th, 2012

Who was the first person to win a drifting race?

john smith was the first person to win a drifting race.

Who was the last Australian to win a grand prix?

Mark Webber German Grand prix Germany 12 July 2009

Where will Dale Earnhardt Jr. win his first race of 2011?

It is not a given that he will in fact win a race in 2011. Dale Jr. did not win a race in 2011.

Who was the first woman to win an Indy car race in Japan?

Danica Patrick was the first woman to win an Indy car race in Japan.

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