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Lou Gehrig's first Major League Baseball game was on June 15, 1923.

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Q: When did Lou Gehrig start playing Major League baseball?
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Lou Gehrig was inducted into?

The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in 1939.

Who are the top ten in career grand slams in baseball major league?

Lou Gehrig

In major league baseball who has the most consecutive at bats with an RBI?

Donโ€™t know

When did Lou Gehrig start playing his sport?

Lou Gehrig made his major league debut on June 15, 1923 for the New York Yankees.

How do you get a job playing baseball in Major League Baseball?

Be really good at playing baseball

What day and year was Lou Gehrig's Last game in major league baseball?

April 30, 1939

When did Lou Gehrig become a professional baseball player?

Lou Gehrig made his Major League debut for the New York Yankees on June 15, 1923.

What major league baseball player holds the record of most seasons with over 150 RBIs?

lou gehrig

When do Major League Baseball players get paid?

Yes! The point of playing in a major league game is earning money and playing games.

How many games did Lou Gehrig play in the major leagues?

Gehrig played in 2164 Major League games during his career.

When will Alex Rodriguez play in the major league?

He has been playing major league baseball for 20 years?

What Major League Baseball players wore number 4?

Probably the most famous Number 4 was Lou Gehrig

How many players from the 1995 Major League Baseball World Series are still playing in Major League Baseball?

None of the players that played in the '95 Major League Baseball World Series regardless of being from the National League Champion; Atlanta Braves or the Cleveland Indians are currently playing with any of the Major League Baseball teams in 2014.

How do you play major league baseball?

To play major league baseball, it is a good idea to being playing baseball early. Play during college and work hard to get scouted by a major league team.

Who was the firest Major League player to have his number retired?

Lou Gehrig

When did Lou Gehrig get his award for the most runs scored?

Lou Gehrig led Major League Baseball in runs scored three times during his career.167 (1936)163 (1931)138 (1933)In 1935, Gehrig led the American League in runs scored, with 125.

Should Alex Rodriguez be banned from playing Major League Baseball?


When did Jacky Robortson start playing in the major league baseball?


Who has the major league record for the most grand slams?

Lou Gehrig - 23

What does the Major League Baseball stand for?

major league baseball

What is meant by Major League Baseball?

major league baseball

WHo hit the most major league grand slam home runs?

Lou Gehrig hit 23 career grand slam home runs, the most by any player in Major League Baseball history.

When was Lou Gehrig's first major league home run?

Lou Gehrig hit his first major league home run on September 27, 1923. It was against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

What year did jakie Robinson began playing major league baseball?


What date did Jackie Robinson began playing major league baseball?