When did Liverpool last reach a cup final?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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This year's fa cup final

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Q: When did Liverpool last reach a cup final?
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When did England last reach the world cup final?


Last team to reach the FA cup final and get relegated?


When was the last time Liverpool won the fa cup?

Liverpool last won the FA cup in 2006

What Year did Germany last reach a FIFA World Cup Final?

2002 where they lost to Brazil

Who did Liverpool face in final this year?

Liverpool faced Cardiff City in the Carling Cup final and won in penalties 5-4.

How many tickets did Liverpool get for carling cup final?


Who is in semi final fa cup?

chelsea spurs eveton and liverpool

Who played 2006 fa cup final?

Liverpool and West Ham

Who did Liverpool Beat In their 1st European Cup Final Victory?


Who won the 2006 fa cup final and how?

Liverpool they won on penaltys

What did Liverpool last win?

The 2006 FA Cup.

When did France last reach the football World cup final?

In 2006, Italia won in Final (1-1 and 5-3 on the penalty shootouts)