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Lisa Fernandez established an Olympic record in softball with 25 strike-outs. She started playing when she was just eight years old.

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Q: When did Lisa Fernandez start playing softball?
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A famous woman softball player?

Jennie Finch Michelle Smith Lisa Fernandez Jennie Finch Michelle Smith Lisa Fernandez

What is softball player Lisa fernandez' twitter username?

She doesn't have Twitter.

When did lisa fernandez get married?

Lisa Fernandez got married on August 9, 2002. She married Michael Lujan and is a Olympic softball pitcher from New York.

Who holds the record for most strikeouts in a single softball game?

Lisa Fernandez

What country is Lisa Fernandez from?

US Olympic softball team pitcher Lisa Fernandez was born in New York, New York. Her father is Cuban and her mother is Puerto Rican.

What are some famous softball player's names?

Jenni Finch, Cat Osterman, Lisa Fernandez, Monica Abott

When was Lisa Fernandez born?

Lisa Fernandez was born in 1971.

Who are the most famous softball players in the history of softball?

The most famous softball players in the history of softball are Michele Smith, Jennie Finch, Lisa Fernandez, Jennie Finch, Cat Osterman, Dot Richardson, Crystl Bustos and Joan Joyce.

Mvp in girls softball?

The 2010 MVP is Lisa Fernandez:) And the 2009 was Jennie Finch!

Where was Lisa fernandez born?

Lisa Fernandez was born February 22, 1971 in New York, New York.

Is Lisa Fernandez dead?


Did Lisa Fernandez speak Spanish at home?


Who is jennie finch's inspiration?

Lisa Fernandez

How tall is Lisa Fernandez?

she is five foot six

A name of a female who played softball?

There are many women that have played softball. Today is is a female dominated sport. Some famous players include Jessica Mendoza, Lauren Lapin, Jennie Finch, Lisa Fernandez, Monica Abbot, and Cat Osterman, among many many others.

Who are some famous softball players?

There are many famous softball players. Here are a few: Jennie Finch Cat Osterman Lisa Fernandez Michelle Smith Crystl Bustos Dot Richardson For more information on these famous players, just follow the related link right below.Some famous softball players are Cat Osterman & Jenny Finch

What is Lisa fernandez brothers and sisters called?

Ryan and brianna

Did Lisa frenandez have any kinds of problems in softball or with softball?

yes, rotator cuff problems

Who are all the famous softball players?

O man, there are so many. Lisa Fernandez, Jenny Finch, Monica Abbott, Cat Osterman- they are all pitchers, and there are more that are famous for pitching too. The most famous hitter in the world- Crystl Bustos the best outfielders- Caitlyn Lowe, Lisa Fernandez, and Laura Berg The best 2nd basemen- Lovianne Jung Best catcher- Stacie Nuveman and there are so many more players that i have left out!!!look up the usa softball team and you will find the most amazing team ever!!!

Why is Lisa fernandez's nickname goat?

Greatest OS all time

What are some softball quotes?

We're prepared, and we've done everything we can to prepare for this moment in time. That's what confidence is all about. --Lisa Fernandez, pitcher, Team USA My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging. --Hank Aaron I make my weaknesses my strengths and my strengths stronger. ---Lisa Fernandez, pitcher, Team USA

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