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Q: When did LeBron James join the Miami Heat?
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Why did Lebron James join Miami Heat?

He joined the Heat, because he feels he has a better chance of winning with them, versus sticking to the Cavs.

When did LeBron James join Miami Heats?


When did LeBron James join the heat?

He joined in 2010.

Is LeBron James be in the heat?

Yes he is. He join the Heat on July 8, 2010 on a one hour ESPN special called "The Decision"

What was LeBron James age when he join the NBA?

Lebron James was 19 years old when he joined the NBA for the Cavaleirs

How much money Miami Heat offered LeBron James?

There going to offer Le Bron James $11 million dollars to go to the Heat's. I think he didn't want to join the Nick's because he wanted to win and plus he had to play taxes to play. And I don't even think he was even considering going with the Net's

When did Miami Heat join nba?


How old is James Jones of the Miami Heat?

NBA player James A. Jones was born October 4, 1980. However, he left the Heat in 2014 to join the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he won a third NBA title in 2016.

Will Allen Iverson join the Miami Heat?

Iverson is more of a liability at this point. Im not sure Miami will profit too much from Iverson.

How do you join the NBA players?

just be like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James taht's all to become an NBA player

Why did ray Allen join Miami Heat?

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Is Ray Allen a traitor for leaving the Boston Celtics to go to the Miami Heat?

Well, yes and no Yes because Ray left from Boston to join their rival, Miami Heat. Ray also took less money