When did LeBron James join Miami Heats?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: When did LeBron James join Miami Heats?
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How do you join the NBA players?

just be like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James taht's all to become an NBA player

Is LeBron James be in the heat?

Yes he is. He join the Heat on July 8, 2010 on a one hour ESPN special called "The Decision"

How many collegetechnical school is required to join the nba?

You do not have to earn a 'higher degree' to play in the NBA. Lebron James played in the NBA after high school.

When did lebron join the cav?

he joined the cavs in 2003 he was the first pick of the draft

Why did Lebron James leave?

because he wanted to join dwyane wade so they can play alongside with each other and win a championship together and also cuz cleveland never brought him any help

How old is James Jones of the Miami Heat?

NBA player James A. Jones was born October 4, 1980. However, he left the Heat in 2014 to join the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he won a third NBA title in 2016.

When did the Miami Hurrucanes join the ACC?


Is lebron going to get drafted to the Chicago Bulls?

HUH?! Lebron was drafted SIX years ago by Cleveland. There are rumors though that he might join the bulls via free agency.

What day did Lebron join the Cavaliers?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have never won a championship. They only had on appearance in the championship in 2007, which they lost to the San Antonio Spurs 4 games to 0.

Why did Lebron leave Cleveland?

LeBron James was signed to a 3 year deal as a restricted free agent keeping him a Cavalier until 2010 when he is to become an unrestricted free agent. At that time, he is free to sign where he choses. He will not leave Cleveland if they continue to improve. There is a slight chance he will leave for another team if he does not have any trust in his current roster or the organization. The only reason he probably will not join New York is because the roster is awful right now. As well the organizations recent history of how they've treated there players isn't to friendly. The fan base can either kill players or make players, they treated Ewing like garbage until he showed them off, same goes for Bernard King. As for killing Stephon Marbury was once a bright player with great potential; until management mentally and physically got to him, same goes for Eddy Curry. Knicks were hoping a lot from him but when they didn't immediately receive what they were hoping for they crushed him. LeBron however will most likely stay in Cleveland because as of now they have a good roster. They do however need to start getting younger other then Lebron, Delonte and Mo they do not have any young core talent. Lebron James is the best player. No one can beat him!! I have heard rumors that he might go to LA and play with Kobe via a sign and trade but that isn't going to happen. Lebron is from Akron, Ohio and he is a God to the people in that state and the past couple of years the team has really been trying to support him and get to a championship level. Lebron would be stupid to leave Cleveland and I think he will stay in Cleveland.

Will Allen Iverson join the Miami Heat?

Iverson is more of a liability at this point. Im not sure Miami will profit too much from Iverson.

What two cities do the Miami and the Erie Canal join?

The Miami and Erie Canal connected Cincinnati and Toledo. It was about 274 miles long. Eventually it was replaced by railroads.