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In the 1995-1996 NBA Draft.

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Q: When did Kevin garnet enter the NBA?
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Highest paid in NBA?

Kevin Garnet

Biggest trash talker in the NBA?

Kevin Garnet

Who is highest paid NBA player and what is his week wages?

Kevin Garnet

How tall was Kevin garnet when he entered the NBA?

The NBA listed him at 6'11 but actually he was more like 7'0.

How many years in the nba did Kevin garnet play?

He still plays for the celtics

Did Kevin Garnet go to jr. college?

No. KG went from high school to the NBA.

What Players entered NBA from high school?

Kobe Bryant, lebron James, Kevin garnet and carmelo Anthony

When did Kevin Durant enter the NBA?

2007 2nd overall pick

When did Kevin durant enter the nba draft?

2007 2nd overall pick

How old is Kevin garnet?


Who discovered garnet?

Kevin garnett

Is Kevin garnet married?


Who discovered the mineral garnet?

kevin garnett

What NBA players won an NBA championship and a gold medal?

Kobe Bryant, Kevin garnet, Tim duncan, shaquille oneal. those are playes that are currently playing. there are alot more people that are retired.

Is Kevin garnet going to come back in the finals?

Yes. KG is playing in this year's NBA Finals. He needs a big game to "come back", though.

How many rings does Kevin garnet?

17 rings

Who was the First highly paid athlete?

Kevin garnet

How many titles did Kevin garnet win?


What are Kevin Garnet hobbies?

pick up basketball

What is the value of Kevin Garnett rookie card?

how much is a Kevin Garnet card worth

When was keven garnet traded to the Celtics?

Jul 31, 2007 was when Kevin Garnet got traded to the Boston Celtics

How many triple doubles does Kevin garnet have in his career?


Can Indians enter the NBA draft?

Anyone can enter the NBA.

How long has Kevin garnet played for the Boston Celtics?

14 years

When was Kevin durant drafted at NBA?

Kevin Durant was drafted into the NBA in 2007. We was the second overall pick.