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In 2009.

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Q: When did Jim stynes get dignosed for cancer?
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What kind of cancer did Jim Stynes have?

heart cancer

When did Jim Stynes die?

Jim Stynes died on March 20, 2012, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia of cancer.

How tall is Jim Stynes?

Jim Stynes is 6' 6 1/2".

When was Jim Stynes born?

Jim Stynes was born on April 23, 1966, in Dublin, Ireland.

What type of cancer did Jim Stynes have?

Melanoma.... Skin cancer. When he was diagnosed in 2009 it had already spread to his brain, which meant it was already very advanced and difficult to beat.

What number was Jim Stynes for Melbourne?

Jim Stynes wore number 37 in 1987 then number 11 from 1988 to 1998.

How do you use dignosed in a sentence?

He has been diagnosed with cancer

Why is Jim stynes famous?

for being a footballer

How many consecutive AFL games did Jim Stynes play?

Jim Stynes played a magnificent 244 games in a row. In 1998 (I think), he suffered a broken hand and missed a couple of games.

Where did Jim Stynes go to school?

colaiste eoin

How many goals has Jim stynes kicked?


How many games did jim stynes play?


Why did Jim stynes retire?

He got cancer and was forced to retire. because if he didnt he would have had serious damage

Who played most afl games in a row?

Jim Stynes

Who has played the most consecutive AFL games?

Jim Stynes

What is Jim stynes' sisters name?

Sharon, Dearbhla and Terri-Ann

Where did Jim Stynes grow up?

He grew up in Dublin in Ireland.

Who played most afl games in a row and how many?

Jim Stynes 244 games.

What other sports has Jim stynes played?

Australian Rules Football and Gaelic Football were his two main sports.

What is the birth name of Chris Stynes?

Chris Stynes's birth name is Christopher Desmond Stynes.

Is Kevin Jonas dignosed with anything?

No one of his brothers Nick is dignosed with Type 1 diabetes

What diet changes need to be made for someone with ovarian cancer?

After being dignosed with an illness it's important to eat the best you can to help your body be at it's top performance. For tips on how to eat better and live with ovarian cancer check out

What type cancer did Jim Valvano have?

bone cancer

When was David Stynes born?

David Stynes was born in 1976.

When did Joe Stynes die?

Joe Stynes died in 1991.