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Q: When did Jeff Gordon hire his manager?
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Is Jeff Gordon a girl?

No, Jeff Gordon is a guy.

What did Jeff Gordon's mom do for a living?

It is not known what Jeff Gordon's mom did for a living. Jeff Gordon is a race car driver with NASCAR.

What is Jeff Gordon's dad's name?

Jeff Gordon's natural father is William Grinnell Gordon. Jeff's stepfather is John Bickford.

Is Jeff Gordon a millionaire?

Yes he is. Jeff Gordon is a multimillionaire.

Did Jeff Gordon go to college?

No. Jeff Gordon has not been to college.

What is the name of Jeff Gordon's hospital?

Jeff Gordon's Children Hospital

What is Jeff Gordon's height?

Jeff Gordon is 5' 7" tall.

Who is Jeff Gordon's biological father and where is there evidence?

Jeff Gordon's biological father is William Grinnell Gordon.

Are Kim Gordon and Jeff Gordon close?

Jeff Gordon and Kim Gordon are siblings. Kim is older than Jeff by 4 years. The two are presumed to be close to each other.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sneak Peek with Jeff Gordon - 2008?

The cast of Sneak Peek with Jeff Gordon - 2008 includes: Jeff Gordon as himself

How is Jeff Gordon connected to Indiana?

Jeff Gordon grew up in Indiana

Is Jeff Gordon married?

Yes. Jeff Gordon is married to Ingrid Vandebosch.

How tall is Nascar driver Jeff Gordon?

Jeff Gordon is 5' 7.

How much does Jeff Gordon weigh?

Jeff Gordon weighs 150 lbs.

When was Jeff Gordon born?

Jeff Gordon was born on August 4, 1971.

Where was Jeff Gordon born?

Jeff Gordon was born in Vallejo, California, US.

Who are Jeff Gordon's siblings?

Jeff Gordon has an older sister named Kim.

Is Jeff Gordon racing in 2011?

Yes, Jeff Gordon is racing in 2011.

Who is Jeff Gordon married to?

Jeff Gordon is married to model Ingrid Vandenbosch.

What is Jeff Gordon's birthday?

Jeff Gordon was born on August 4, 1971.

What is Jeff Gordon's siblings name?

Jeff Gordon has a sister named Kim.

Has Jeff Gordon been in jail?

No, Jeff Gordon has never been in jail.

Is Burt Ward really Jeff Gordon's father?

No, he is not. Jeff Gordon's father is named William Grinnell Gordon.

Who is Jeff Gordon's jackman?

Jeff Cook is the current jackman for Jeff Gordon's #24 car.

What is the last race that Jeff Gordon will race in?

Nobody, including Jeff Gordon, knows the answer to that.