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James Hook played Rugby at school the He played for the Neath College as a youngster before moving to Neath RFC and then Ospreys

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Q: When did James hook start playing rugby?
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When was James Hook - rugby union - born?

James Hook - rugby union - was born on 1985-06-27.

How did James Hook become a rugby player?

by his kickin

I need only one name of any rugby player welsh rugby players?

James hook

How old is the wales rugby player James hook?

22 years old (2011)

Did george hook play rugby for Ireland?

He never played international rugby

Why did James hook become a rugby player?

Because he is an incredibly talented player. He can play full back, centre and fly half with ease and still impact the game effectively.

What player wears number 10 in rugby union?

Fly Half James Hook, Stephen Jones, Ronan O'Gara, Jonny Wilkinson, Danny Cipriani, Phil Godman.......

What is James Hook's birthday?

James Hook was born on June 27, 1985.

When was James Hook born?

James Hook was born on June 27, 1985.

When did James Hook - composer - die?

James Hook - composer - died in 1827.

When was James Clarke Hook born?

James Clarke Hook was born in 1819.

When did James Clarke Hook die?

James Clarke Hook died in 1907.

A name of a rugby player?

Dan Carter JONNY WILKINSON, DAVID STRETTLE, STEVE BORTHWICK. Ryan Jones, Shane Williams, James Hook, Alyn Wyn Jones, Steve Jones, Tavis Moyle!

When was James Hook - composer - born?

James Hook - composer - was born on 1746-06-03.

How old is James Hook?

James Hook is 28 years old (birthdate: June 27, 1985).

What is Captain Hook's full name?

Captain James Hook

What is Captain Hook's full name?

Captain James Hook

Who is the key player of wales rugby team?

Difficult to gave a single name as each player has in their own right a key role. Most if opinion is asked for will refer to James Hook as a majorly play maker

What is captain hooks real name in Peter Pan?

James Jas Hook

What was Captain Hook's name before he got the hook?

james somthin

Is James Hook gay?


Who scored for wales rugby in 2008?

- Leigh Halfpenny - Lee Byrne- Shane Williams- Martyn Williams- Morgan Stoddart- James Hook- Mike Phillips- Tom Shanklin

Which rugby club did george hook play for?

He never played. But was coach at London Irish and Connacht,

What is Captain Hook's first name?

Captain Hook's first name is James.

What is captain's hook last name?

Hook is his last name, his first names is James