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In 2011 Ireland bet Australia 15/7 it was very close but Ireland bet Australia not only that that won against Australia that won in the rugby world cup 2011

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Q: When did Ireland last beat Australia in rugby?
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When did Wales last beat Ausralia in rugby?

Wales last beat Australia in rugby during the 2008 Autumn Internationals. The score was 21-18.

When did England beat Ireland last in frindley in rugby?

It was 27th August 2011 Ireland 9 England 20

When was the last time Australia played Ireland in rugby?

The last time Australia played against Ireland in rugby was in the Rugby World Cup 2011 hosted by New Zealand. The match was played on 17. September and the venue was Eden Park i Auckland. Ireland won the match 15-6.

When did Eng last beat Nz in rugby union?


When did England beat Ireland last in rugby?

Probably during the 2003 six nations championship (03/30) Ireland 6-42 England Lansdowne Road, Dublin

When did Ireland last play the All Blacks in rugby?

As of March 2015, they last played them in November 2013.

When was the last time Australia won the rugby world cup?

they won last in 1999

When Ireland last won all matches in five nations rugby season?


When did Ireland last win the rugby 6 Nations?

In 2015, having also won it in 2014.

What are three differences are there between Australia and Ireland?

The climate in Australia is vastly different from that in Ireland. Ireland is an island Australia is a continent. The majority of Australia's population is descended from immigrants that came here during the last 100 years.

How many times has England rugby team beaten NZ rugby union team in the last five years?

None. England last beat the All Blacks in 2003.

Who won the last few rugby matches?

in USA vs Ireland Ireland won lots of people dressed In green in great old taranaki