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1990 FIFA World Cup.

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Q: When did Ireland first take part in the world cup?
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Did Ireland take part in the world cup?

Ireland takes part in qualification for all FIFA World Cups. They have successfully qualified for the 1990, 1994 and 2002 FIFA World Cup finals tournaments.

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In which world cup did british teams take part for the first time?


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Ireland was neutral during World War II, so Ireland did not take part. However, many Irish people became soldiers in the British army and fought in the war. See the link below.

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When did women first take part in the Olympics?

In which Olympic did women first take part?

Did Gabon take part in the 2002 world cup?

No gabon did not take part in the world cup.

Was Ireland an ally or axis?

During World War 2, Ireland was neutral, meaning they did not take sides with the Axis or Allies.

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No. You would first have to make the journey to Limerick, and get a train from there. Limerick is only about 16 miles away, and you can get a bus to it.

Was cameroun the first African country to have African coutries to take part in the world cup?

No, Egypt were the first African country to qualify in 1934

Did Spain take part in World War I?

No, she did not take part in World War 1.She somehow took part in World War II during 'Spanish Civil war'.

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