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Q: When did Howard Schultz buy the Seattle Super Sonics?
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Where are the seatle sonics in nba?

The Seattle Sonics are nowhere near the NBA in Seattle, the team is hoping for a return in the next three years

When were okc thunder founded?

They were founded in 1967 in Seattle. They used to be The Seattle super sonics then they moved to Okc in 2008

Which NBA player had the nickname Downtown?

Fred Brown a former Seattle Super Sonics player.

What is the English meaning for the word tSSoelsentaciurSpe?

Seattle Super Sonics is the English meaning for the unscrambled name tSSoelsentaciurSpe.

How did the Seattle Supersonics get their name?

The airplane manufatuer Boing is operated out of Seattle and at the time of the Sonics inception it was thought that all planes would soon be Super Sonic, or faster then sound, this has not come to pass. But the Sonics are basically named after the areo space industry.

Can somebody give information about nba seattle super sonics?

Its is now know as the Oklahoma City Thunders and they made it to the 1996 NBA playoffs.

Who was the last nba team to join the league?

Charlotte bobcats were they last but the newest name is Oklahoma thunder they were prev known as the Seattle super sonics

What is Taylor Swift's favorite basketball team?

The Chicago Bulls

How do you get super sonics story in sadx?

finish all other characters story then you will unlock super sonics story.

Which teams are left in the NBA playoffs 2010?

In the Western Conference, the Los Angeles Lakers will face the Phoenix Suns while the Orlando Magic is still waiting for the winner in the Cleveland Cavaliers-Boston Celtics series for the Eastern Conference Finals.

How many titles have the Sonics won?

the super sonics have won 7 NBA titles

Who did the basketball Super Sonics become?

The thunder