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England's last Grand Slam in the Six Nations was in 2003.

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Q: When did England last win a Grand Slam in Rugby six nations tournament?
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Grand slams rugby?

A grand slam is when in a six nations tournament a team has won every game they have played.

When did 6 nations start?

The 6 Nations rugby tournament started in 2000 when Italy joined the existing 5 Nations tournament which had France, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

What sport can you see at the Tournament of the Five Nations?

The Tournament of the Five Nations is a rugby competition.

What is the six nations cup?

A rugby tournament between England, Ireland, wales, Scotland, France and Italy

What sport does one see at the Tournament of the Five Nations?

The Tournament of the Five Nations is a rugby competition.

What sports does one see at the tournament of the five nations?

The Tournament of the Five Nations is a Rugby competition.

What are the 6 nation rugby championships?

It is a rugby tournament played between England, Scotland Ireland, Wales, France and Italy. The winner having beaten all other teams wins the Grand Slam. The teams classed as the "home countries", England, Scotland Ireland, Wales play a tournament within the 6 nations the winner having beaten the other home countries wins the Triple Crown. The other tournament which is the oldest Rugby Union tournament in the world which is played within the 6 nations is between England and Scotland for the Calcutta Cup.

What are the six nations in rugby?

The six nations is a tournament played every year between England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy.

Which countries take part in the 6 nations tournament in rugby?

Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, France and Italy.

When did tri nations rugby tournament start?


In which sport is there RBS 6 nations tournament?


Which game grand slam is associated?

I believe your referring to "The Grand Slam"? This is part of the 6 nations tournament where the international side that wins ALL of its game achieves "the Grand Slam" . In New Zealand rugby, the 'Grand Slam' is achieved when the All Blacks tour and defeat all four 'Home' nations: Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

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