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EPA Larnaca FC ended in 1994.

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Q: When did EPA Larnaca FC end?
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When was EPA Larnaca FC created?

EPA Larnaca FC was created in 1930.

When did Pezoporikos Larnaca end?

Pezoporikos Larnaca ended in 1994.

Larnaca International Airport is in which city?

Larnaca, Cyprus.

When was FC South End created?

FC South End was created in 2009.

Where do most flights to Larnaca go to?

Most flights with a destination of Larnaca in Cyprus arrive at Larnaca International Airport. It is an international airport and is about 4 miles from Larnaca.

When was Pezoporikos Larnaca created?

Pezoporikos Larnaca was created in 1927.

When did Rumblers FC end?

Rumblers FC ended in 1915.

When did FC Amsterdam end?

FC Amsterdam ended in 1982.

When did Moda FC end?

Moda FC ended in 1910.

When did FC Yerevan end?

FC Yerevan ended in 2000.

When did Pyongyang FC end?

Pyongyang FC ended in 1953.

When did FC Izhevsk end?

FC Izhevsk ended in 2005.

When did FC Gatchina end?

FC Gatchina ended in 1997.

When did JCT FC end?

JCT FC ended in 2011.

When did Renacimiento FC end?

Renacimiento FC ended in 2009.

When did FC Moscow end?

FC Moscow ended in 2010.

When did FC Absheron end?

FC Absheron ended in 2011.

When did FC Tรผrkiyemspor end?

FC Türkiyemspor ended in 2009.

When did Xerez FC end?

Xerez FC ended in 1946.

When did FC Zug end?

FC Zug ended in 1994.

When did Dunaรบjvรกros FC end?

Dunaújváros FC ended in 2009.

When did FC Reutov end?

FC Reutov ended in 2009.

When did FC Elista end?

FC Elista ended in 2006.

When did FC Nordjylland end?

FC Nordjylland ended in 2004.

When did Yangzee FC end?

Yangzee FC ended in 1970.