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Faifley colts in Clydebank

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Q: When did David Beckham get scouted by man united?
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What is the Nationality of Man United David Beckham?

The Nationality of Man United's David Beckham is England.

How many appearances did David Beckham make for man United?

622 times

What was David beckhams number for man you?

David Beckham wore jersey number 7 at Manchester United.

What team did david beckham make his man united first team debut?


What team did david beckham make is first team debute match against for man united?


When did David Beckham leave man you?


Name four man united players that have transfered to realmadrid?

David Beckham Ruud Van Nistelrooy Gabriel Heinze ronaldo

Who is man in diesel loverdose advert?

David beckham

Which Spanish soccer side from man utd did David Beckham join?

David Beckham joined Real Madrid, the Spanish giants.

Can someone help me with my assignment on David Beckham and tell me if he is a good or bad sports man?

Click on the 'David Beckham' link below to read all about him.

Who has played for Madrid and man utd?

david beckham and Cristiano ronaldo :)

David beckham the sexiest man alive?

This is a matter of personal opinion.