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2010 Vancouver Olympic Games Quarter -final

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โˆ™ 2010-02-27 22:21:03
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Q: When did Canada last beat Russia in Olympic Hockey?
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In Nagano who was in goal for Canada when Russia beat them for the gold medal in men's hockey?

Patrick Roy

What was the greatest moment in sports history?

the miracle on ice when 1980 USA olympic hockey team beat russia. obviously.

What country did the US hockey team defeat for the gold medal?

The men's ice hockey team beat Canada in 1960 and Russia in 1980. The women's ice hockey team beat Canada in 1998. Neither field hockey team has ever won a gold medal.

Who excels in the sport ice hockey?

Generally, the team to beat is The Canadians. Why? Canada's national sport is ice hockey. However, in current Olympics the three teams to beat are USA, Canada and Russia. Because USA beat Canadian in a match game of the Olympics, the Americans are the favorites to win the gold.

When did Team USA beat Team Canada last in Olympic ice hockey?

On Sunday, February 21st, 2010 by a final score of 5-3.

What year did the US beat Russia at ice hockey?

The US hockey team beat Russia in the 1980 Olympics, which is featured in the 2004 movie Miracle. Thanks for using ChaCha

What can Canada beat the US in?

bear pong, hockey

Who played in the Olympic hockey final in 1976?

In field hockey, New Zealand beat Australia 1-0. In ice hockey, the USSR beat Czechoslovakia 4-3.

Examples of fairness in the ancient Olympics?

When US beat Russia in hockey.

How many medals does Canada have so far in the 2010 winter Olympics?

14!!! A new winter olympic record for most Gold Medals for a country! Canada Wins Mens Hockey To Beat A Record!

Is there offside in Olympic hockey?

Yes, there is offsides in Olympic hockey. Olympic rules are basically the same as NHL rules, except for icing. Icing in Olympic hockey is automatically blown down as icing whereas in the NHL, the team that iced the puck must beat the other team to the puck for it not to be icing.

What team did the us mens hockey team beat yesterday?


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