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Q: When did Brett Lee start playing cricket?
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How old was Brett Lee when he showed an interest in cricket?

Brett Lee was 8 years old when he showed interest in cricket.

Is Brett Lee still playing test cricket?

He Hopes to make a return this year to play the Ashes but he is currently injured.

Are Brett lee Of cricket Fame and Andy Lee of Tv And radio fame related?

no they are not, Brett has a brother name Shane

Who won the player of the year in cricket in2008?

brett lee

What was Brett Lee's childhood dream?

Brett Lee's childhood dream was to play test cricket and become the fastest bowler in the world.

Who is Brett lee's best friend in Australian cricket team?


When will Brett Lee make a comeback in cricket?

no never he has got cancer

Does Brett Lee Cricket Player have a girlfriend?

The cricket player, Brett Lee, has been photographed with various women, but there are no reports as of August 2013 of him having a girlfriend. Brett recently went through a divorce which could be why he's waiting to date again.

How many cricket games have Brett Lee played?

Brett Lee Has played 76 tests, 186 ODI's, 116 first class matches.

How many brothers have been in the Australian cricket team?

Steve Waugh and Mark Waugh Shane Lee and Brett Lee

Who is the number 1 test player of cricket?

Bowler Brett Lee Batsman Sachin Tendulkar

Who is a famous athlete of cricket?

Famous Cricket Player - Brett Lee (Also known as Bing, Bing Lee, or Binga) born : Brett Lee, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, 1976, November 8 famous for : Being a fast bowler for the Australian cricket team and for releasing a love song with the Indian singer Asha Bhosle. lives: Australia

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