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Billy Harris - Basketball - died in 2010.

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Q: When did Billy Harris - basketball - die?
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When was Billy Harris - basketball - born?

Billy Harris - basketball - was born in 1951.

When was Paul Harris - basketball - born?

Paul Harris - basketball - was born on 1986-10-15.

When was Steve Harris - basketball - born?

Steve Harris - basketball - was born on 1963-10-15.

When was Billy Harris - ice hockey - born?

Billy Harris - ice hockey - was born on 1952-01-29.

When and where was baseball player Billy Harris born?

Billy Harris was born November 24, 1943, in Hamlet, NC, USA.

When was Billy McKinney - basketball - born?

Billy McKinney - basketball - was born on 1955-06-05.

When was Billy Williams - basketball - born?

Billy Williams - basketball - was born on 1958-09-27.

What are baseball player Billy Harris's physical stats?

Billy Harris is 6 feet tall. He weighs 175 pounds. He bats left and throws right.

Who is Billy Clapper?

Billy Clapper is a college basketball coach.

Do you have a picture of billy carter that played UNC basketball?

There is no record any Billy or William Carter on any UNC basketball roster of which I am aware.

What is the birth name of Billy Bevan?

Billy Bevan's birth name is Harris, William Bevan.

What is jawan harris favorite sport?

basketball is your answer

What is the birth name of Billy Soistmann?

Billy Soistmann's birth name is William Harris Soistmann III.

What is the birth name of Billy Hallowell?

Billy Hallowell's birth name is William Harris Hallowell III.

Who was the first pick in the 1972 NHL Draft?

Billy Harris

What team does Devin Harris play for?

Devin Harris currently plays for the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association. Harris was born in 1983 and is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the USA.

What did Lucy Harris do?

she was the first African American basketball player.

Who is michigan's top basketball player of 2009?

Manny Harris

Who is number 5 on the Kentucky basketball team?

Ramon Harris

Who is the tallest basketball player in Philippines?

billy bonver

How did Calvin harris die?

Calvin Harris is not dead.

When did Mary styles harris die?

Mary harris did not die by all she is still living and well.

When did Mary style harris die?

Mary harris did not die by all she is still living and well.

Who was the first coach for the Wisconsin women's basketball team?

Marilyn Harris

Did Herman harris play in the CBA?

I was in the US Army with a Herman Harris, he played on the All Army basketball team in Europe (early '80's.) This Herman Harris had played a time in the CBA.